Deadline: January 1st, 2022.

Pie Town Rising Stars, a 501(c)(3) community based non-profit organization tasked with raising funds and then managing those funds in order to preserve, restore, and revitalize the historic old-west town of Pie Town, New Mexico, USA.

Pie Town is a small historic town on the Continental Divide in southwest New Mexico. Its unique name hints to its humble beginnings back in the days of the old-west as a pie-serving rest stop for cowboys, later to become a destination for dust bowl refugees, then booming yet again as a prosperous agricultural center. Sadly prosperity has been absent for fifty years. These days only a hand full of residents live there, and two small restaurants serve pie to the occasional curious driver travelling on highway 60.

Sadly, though, the population of Pie Town is dwindling due to the age of the few remaining residents. Rarely do new residents relocate to Pie Town due to the lack of services, so young people are nearly non-existent.

In order to stem this decline, PTRS, in part, raises funds with the existing “Pie Festival” that currently takes place on the second Saturday in September. In order to focus its efforts on Star Parties, and other fund-raising campaigns, PTRS is looking to find another organization that will be willing to take on the responsibility of operating and managing the Pie Town Pie Festival.

Pie Town Rising Stars hereby announces an open competition for an organization to take on this role, and is offering a grant of sufficient funds to successfully conduct this venture. PTRS is seeking proposal submissions for one cooperative agreement to operate and oversee the Pie Festival Event on an ongoing basis.

Grant applications will be accepted until the date of January 1st, 2022. Applications shall be accepted only by email to the address The PTRS Board of Directors will review all applications, and grant the funds to the most qualified applicant that meets our requirements. The review process will take approximately 90 days. The winning application will be required to sign a binding agreement, and then the funding will take place within 30 days of the announcement.

PTRS is looking for an organization that:
- Is a community based charity or community organization, preferably a 501(c)(3) non-profit with experience in organizing successfully raising funds with public events.
- Has proper organizational structure.
- Possesses a EIN or other tax identification number
- Possesses a bank account in the name of the organization
- Is willing to make public their financial information and tax records
- Can demonstrate that they are accountable to the public
- Regularly conducts open meetings with the public they serve, and taken into account their input as to how the event is to be held, and how to spend the funds raised
- Will raise funds with the Pie Festival event, and use those funds to benefit the Pie Town community.

If a suitable organization is not found, PTRS will donate the grant funds to Catron County for an improvement project for Jackson Park, the Pie Town Community Center, or to some other project that benefits the community.

The Application

The successful application will include:
- The legal name of the organization
- The type of organization? 501(c)(3)? LLC? Church group?
- The organization’s EIN or other Tax ID number.
- A description of the organization’s management structure including the names of the personnel, and a brief description of their experience as it applies to this project.
- A list of fund raising events that the organization has put on, a description of these events, and the final fund-raising results of those events.
- A short narrative on what the organizations goals are in putting on the Pie Festival Event. In other words, why does the Pie Festival exist, and how can it benefit the community?
- A short narrative on what they feel their raised funds can be used to benefit the community. What projects or funds? A benevolent fund? Heating assistance? Park improvements? (and if so, what improvements). Etc.
- A description of how the organization will get feedback from the community and with what frequency.
- A description of what process will be used for deciding how raised funds will be used and how the public’s input will be considered
- A plan for how to make public the organization’s financial information, the how, the where and the when.
- A description on why their organization will be an accountable, reliable and trustworthy custodian of these grant funds.
- A narrative explaining why their organization is the best organization to receive these grant funds, and why they will do the best job at running the Pie Festival and be the best choice to benefit the organization with the fund raised at the event.

These terms are subject to change without notice. Please check the PTRS website for the latest information. If you have any questions regarding this call, please submit those questions via email only. Phone calls, private meetings, letters, and other such requests will not be responded to. Submissions or questions can be submitted to: